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Dog Behaviour Counselling

We offer dog behaviour consultations providing dog training and advice to our clients on a wide variety of dog behaviour problem. Some of the common dog problems that we cover are:

- Aggressive dog
- Toy or food guarding
- Chasing joggers, cyclists and livestock
- Dogs that are destructive when left alone
- Barking Dog  when left alone
- Attention seeking behaviours such as dog jumping up
- Nipping and puppy biting
- Dog Recall problems
- Dog Anxiety and the nervous dog
- Dog eating poop (coprophagia)
- Puppy toilet training (house training)

This list is far from exhaustive and we can also help with a dog pulling on the lead, car travel problems and dog socialisation. So if you're having a specific problem that you need help with then please feel free to contact us to book a consultation.

The dog behaviour consultation usually lasts for two hours or so at your home during which I will want to try to see the dog problem behaviour, although I will not provoke any stressful or unsafe response, only to see what dog behaviour may normally be experienced in a given situation. Any previous video recording of this you may have could be useful. I will gather a detailed history and by watching the dogs be able to explain what is motivating the behaviour and set you a clear and understandable plan of activities designed to help you and your dog through the problems you are having. I will demonstrate any suggested dog training techniques and then make sure you know how to use them.

The majority of cases I work with greatly improve dependant on the commitment and consistency of the family in following the plan. Most of them show significant improvement immediately and some problems are resolved, but there is no guarantee that every case will be able to be rectified in every environment. There are times when dog behaviour has a genetic basis to it or it has become so ingrained that a full resolution of the problem may not be possible, but you will benefit from a greater understanding of your dogs behaviour and how to manage it in situations that you will now be able to predict. However, you may be surprised at how much progress can be made with most dog  behaviour problems.

Dog Behaviour Training Areas Covered Include:

Cleveland (Teesside), Middlesbrough, Acklam, Coulby Newham, Ormesby, Stainton & Thornton, Hemlington, Nunthorpe,  Marton

Stockton on Tees, Ingleby Barwick, Yarm, Thornaby, Worsall, Kirklevington, Elton, Eaglescliffe, LongNewton, Billingham, Wynyard, Norton

North Yorkshire, Stokesley, Crathorne, Potto, Hutton Rugby, Hilton, Seamer, Maltby, Guisborough, Redcar

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Client Reviews...


Gracie the Bichon Freise showed aggression to other dogs. with Marie's helped she no longer has a problem. On a number of occasions I have noticed other dogs owners in the local park having problems of one sort or another and recommended the Canine Care Company as a solution to their problems.



The effects of Marie’s consulation with Tara regarding her behaviour were immediate and clear to see. We received a lengthy report detaling the reasons for Tara’s behaviour and included within the report were the tools to enable us to carry on using the methods advised by Marie to ensure that Tara’s behaviour remained positive.


King Charles...

I asked for help with training issues of my three King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. We had recently moved house and they were all becoming a little unruly.
Marie demonstrated a good understanding of all my dog’s differing characteristics and her analysis made complete sense. I found her methods easy to understand and relatively straight forward to continue at home. Karen


Macy was showing aggression towards other dogs. Thanks to Marie and the Canine Care Company my Westie is now able to socialise with other dogs without feeling threatened.