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Marie Kemp License Number: HB19/10/Y3

The dog minder will give your dog a happy lifestyle while you're off enjoying your own...

Professional Dog Boarding & Dog Training

Canine Care Company offer dog home boarding, and private dog obedience training in East Harlsey in North Yorkshire. We have been successfully operating since 2006 and were the very first dog home boarding establishment to be granted a license to board dogs in Teesside. Having had pet dogs for thirty years, and over fifteen years of dog training expertise I keep up to date with all modern dog training science and am a KCAI member working towards the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors and Behaviourists working with dogs.

Canine Care Company operates in a specialist area providing a commitment and pet service tailored to the needs of the Dog and its owner. The pet services we can provide can help alleviate some of the stress in the commitment of owning and looking after your Dog and also contribute significantly to the welfare of your Dog. The pet services available can lead to a longer, happier and more fulfilled life for your dog.

Canine Care Company promises a commitment to excellence in dog sitting and dog training. We operate with fully comprehensive trade pet insurance for the care, custody and control of your dog and we are highly skilled and trained not only in dog sitting, dog obedience but also in dog psychology and dog behaviour. Police checks and references are available on request.

  Dog Home Boading Pet Care Services  Dog Training for Pet Dogs Home from Home Dog Boarding in Middlesbrough, Stockton and North Yorkshire

The Dog Minder Provides Pet Services...

to promote understanding and knowledge of responsible dog ownership and aim to provide healthy and safe practices in dog care not only for the protection of your dog but also for members of the public. We are passionate about pet dogs and aim to ensure that all special dogs have the great lives they deserve!

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Client Reviews...

I have been bringing Kipper to Canine Care Company since I have had him and would not hesitate to recommend Marie to anyone. I would never even dream of taking Kipper anywhere else and Marie is the first person I would contact for any issues I had/have with Kipper.


When we first brought Billie to board with Marie she was quite anxious around new people and dogs. Marie quickly gained her confidence and introduced her to dogs in a way that Billie is comfortable with. Billie now boards with Marie 3 or 4 times a year and as a result of these experiences Billie has shown a definite improvement of how she is around dogs and people.

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