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Marie Kemp License Number: HB19/10/Y3

The dog minder will give your dog a happy lifestyle while you're off enjoying your own...

 Online Home Boarding Booking Form


  1. Your Details
    1. Boarding Details
  1. Local Emergency Contact Details Whilst Away


  2. Your Dog(s) Details
    1. Entire males and bitches in season cannot be boarded

    Please bring vaccination certificate to be viewed at time of boarding as we are unable to board any dog without evidence that vaccinations are current at least two weeks prior to any boarding.

Please note that dogs must have been appropriately treated for external and internal parasites in accordance with veterinary advice before entry to the home boarding environment.

    2. FEEDING
Consent Form

Please untick any of the following that you do not agree/consent to:

  1. I will pay all fees associated with any veterinary appointments where there is evidence of external parasites (fleas, ticks, lice), illness or injury on collection of dog.
  2. My dog(s) maybe fed alongside other dogs
  3. My dog(s) may be walked outside the home environment/garden
  4. Permission to Walk Dog Off Lead? (obviously only when safe to do so)
  5. My dog being exercised in the garden at the same time as other dogs
  6. My dog(s) may be walked with any other dogs
  7. Where I have booked in more than one dog, I agree to them being kept together at all times of day

Whilst the dogs spend most of their days in the garden, weather permitting, or cuddled up watching TV, following guidance from our licensing regulations we would like you to consent to some other enrichment activities we may wish to do with your dog, given that you are aware of their health implications, physical limitations, like and dislikes:

  1. Climbing up stairs/on sofa
  2. Lead walk up to 20 mins twice a day
  3. Lead walk more than 20mins twice a day
  4. Off lead running where safe to do so
  5. Ball/frisbee games?
  6. Basic agility course?
  7. Digging games?
  8. Paddling pool?
  9. Water sprinklers?
  10. Food hiding games?
  11. Toy hiding games?
  12. Tuggy with other dogs?
  13. Cuddles / Petting?
  14. Brushing / grooming?
  15. Allowed to give bones and chews?
  16. Other small treats we provide?
  17. Puzzle games?
  18. Treat toys?
  19. Scatter Feeders?
  20. By checking this box and entering my name beside it I am electronically signing MY consent and agreeing to the terms and conditions




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